You can assume

 things will go well but...

When a container of your products arrives at your warehouse and they're not perfect, everyone loses, especially you:









Unfortunately, sending something all the way back across the ocean for a simple fix doesn't make any financial sense.

You can't afford cheap quality control.



Deepening trust and accountability through constant presence, so that costs, quality, and lead times are exactly what you need

them to be.

You'll minimize travel, time, and expenses.

Managing door to door shipping,

and handling international funds transfer when needed.

You'll put your products & 

money in trustworthy hands.

Helping you navigate Indian festivals,

accents, languages, communication styles, and core competencies.

You'll enjoy doing business with India.



Americans - likely some of your own customers - performing your quality inspections for you, both during production and before your containers get loaded.

You'll give yourself the best chance of getting what you ordered. 




and Payment



A Strong supply chain

 Makes a strong company...



We are

It's easy to feel powerless from halfway around

the world because of miscommunications

with your factory partners. 

For you







We love India and trust manufacturers in a growing number of categories. Let us handle the challenges of doing business in a foreign culture so that you can focus on building your brand.


We'll connect you with the 'perfect fit' factory if you don't already

have one.

We'll help you get production started, help you keep it on schedule, inspect

it throughout the process and make sure that it gets

to your door.



Our 3-step process

 to get you started...

Get Matched

with a



your order

At BHI, we understand that you need to focus on taking care of your customers and providing them with the products they need... not dealing with supply chain headaches. However, you don't need us to tell you these misunderstandings and miscommunications are hard to avoid when

working with people who are different from you.


Different cultures view Time, Commitment, Quality, Communication, and Relationship differently, but we don't believe this should hold back your business growth.

That is why BHI has culturally-sensitive Americans in India who will represent your brand,

your vision, your professionalism, your quality, and your character in factories. We'll

oversee as much of the manufacturing process as you need us to, and perform

multiple quality inspections during production.

Start with our 3-step process so that we can tackle your unique issues together. We want to be an extension of your brand and provide you with extra face-time and accountability you've always wanted with your factories so that you can sleep easy and focus on your customers.


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While everyone wants a quality product at an incredible price point, no one wants to achieve that feat by taking advantage of others.  BHI is highly aware of this issue when sourcing products overseas.  Creating a fair and safe environment for factory workers is one of the most compelling reasons as to why BHI exists.  The on-boarding process for any potential BHI endorsed factory includes a baseline evaluation of the most common social compliance failures.  For a factory to be in partnership with BHI, they must comply with these standards.  

Our team is involved both in accountability and in helping develop strategies to improve a factory environment that is struggling to meet buyer expectations.  Focus is given to the safety of the work area provided, and specifically, to the mitigation of fire risks.  Laborer age requirements, appropriate pay, and limitation of work hours are also included in this evaluation.  It is critically important that any subcontractors are known as well, in order to accurately understand the operation from beginning to end.  By taking the welfare of

each person seriously, BHI believes that a better product is possible, and that supply chain activities can become a vehicle for good in our world.