• Grayson W.

Adding Multifaceted Value to Your Company

Insurmountable pressures multiply each day in the realm of a small to mid-sized company in the United States. Staying afloat in the highly competitive U.S. market is no simple task, and it’s not for the faint-of-heart. The entrepreneurial spirit is a glaring prerequisite to this enterprise.

Finding a product, maintaining competitive prices, promoting a brand, securing manufacturing, managing shipments, and, of course, the nagging, lingering fear that the arriving shipment of new product fresh off the manufacturing line will be in an unsellable condition. Mold, errors and misprints, among many other all-too-common issues, result in financial deficits, unhappy customers, a decline in brand image, and a loss of valuable time.

In a world where time is literally money, U.S. buyers and entrepreneurs can’t afford these kinds of mishaps.

In recent days, many American buyers have shifted their attention from the Chinese to the Indian market. India tops the list in dozens of business divisions: mobile phones, leather goods, precious/semi-precious stones and jewelry, home decor, spices, and tea. Plus, India is growing and gaining more momentum every day.

While not every Indian manufacturer you come across online is going to be trustworthy and reliable, BHI has personal relationships with many suppliers that embody these essential characteristics.

Eliminating dishonesty, minimizing defects, increasing clear communication, and maintaining peace of mind – these are a few things every company desires in an overseas manufacturer. These are the specific areas BHI can guarantee.
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